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The Listening Project, the documentary I made with award winning filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky will premier on March 9th at the American Cochlear Implant Alliance Conference. 15 deaf adults in their 20's and 30's are interviewed. I identified the losses of most of them - when they were babies. See what is possible for deaf people with today’s technology, and listen to what they have to say.

Please take a look at my blog HEARING AND KIDS at HearingHealthMatters.org. I will be covering all issues related to hearing and kids with a new blog every week. It is designed for parents as well as for professionals. Please check it out and, if you have suggestions for topics let me know.

Click here to listen as I am interviewed by Alan Chartock on WAMC, the Albany, New York NPR station.

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I firmly believe that children with hearing loss have the ability to learn to use hearing to develop spoken language. I also believe that every child is testable – no matter the age or degree of other disabilities. With proper management, most children with hearing loss can be educated in the mainstream along with their typical hearing peers. Click here to learn more about my philosophy.

I am available for consultations with families that are concerned about management of their child’s hearing loss. I am not currently seeing patients, but I can review evaluations, make recommendations, and communicate with other professionals working with the family. I can make referrals for the diagnosis of hearing loss and auditory therapy, as well as to hearing aid centers and cochlear implant centers. Click here to learn more about how we might work together.

I am also available for talks, workshops, seminars and program consultations. I speak to audiences of parents and/or professionals. Click here to see a list of some potential topics.

After 40 years in practice, I have worked with many, many patients and many, many colleagues. Click here to see some of their very generous comments about me.